AVW Week Photo Collection

Thank you to everyone involved with AVW Week! This includes all our dedicated shows and the viewers who visited our tables or watched the new content. Some great photos were taken throughout the week, so to celebrate the end of a fun week, we’ve put together a gallery of them. Enjoy and don’t forget to follow our Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on what AVW Productions is doing.


Newstime tabling together.


Players at the Ohio Sports Zone / Tech Heads Madden video game tournament.


Morty and Professor Cranium from Confused? with the Fridays Live hotdog.


People were excited to take selfies with Morty and Professor Cranium.


Fridays Live hanging out and taking names.


Two more signing up for Straight Up!

AVW Week Day 5

Today is our last day of tabling at Baker, so don’t forget to visit us from 1-5pm if you want to personally ask us about AVW Productions, our shows, and how to get involved. The shows tabling today are Confused?, Hockey, and Fridays Live, which means you’ll have the chance to talk with their members about their experiences with the shows.

Confused? is hard at work on its second episode, so to help tide you over, click this to see their more recent episode about aviation!

Straight Up has launched their new website and it is the best way to get the latest entertainment news from AVW Productions. Check it out here to watch their episodes, learn more about the crew behind the show, and see their Cast Member of the Week!


As AVW Week comes to a close, we will be ending strong with a Madden video game tournament run by both Ohio Sports Zone and Tech Heads. If you’d like to attend or participate, it will be this Sunday, March 29th at 10:30 am in the Bobcat Student Lounge in Baker University Center!

AVW Week Day 4

Tonight at 9pm, Ohio Sports Zone is inviting you to come over to Studio C in RTV on the 5th floor. See behind the scenes of how OSZ is filmed and watch the episode live, right in front of you!

Newstime made tabling especially fun yesterday as they asked passerbys their opinion, wondering if they thought that Adam Levine had his own dog walker. Laughs were had as AVW continues into its final stretch.


Straight Up has released another video about Valentines Day, so check it out if you’re feeling especially sentimental today! Also, Straight Up is premiering its brand new website tonight! It should be up in the next hour or two, so keep clicking that refresh button. We’re excited to bring you content in even better ways.

AVW Week Day 3

There was no tabling at Baker yesterday, but we’re right back at it this afternoon from 1pm – 5pm! In addition to that, we have plenty of new videos for you. Straight Up recently uploaded two more segments to their YouTube channel. While one talks about how OU students try to stay fit, the other highlights The Pigskin’s awesome local bar food. Not only that, but Straight Up is also launching their new website tomorrow!

Pranking Ohio has officially premiered as well with their release of two skits, with more to come soon! Get ready for a truly unique viewing experience with Pranking Ohio.

Do you want to support AVW Productions and its shows even more? We would love for you to come talk to us at Baker, but if you’re looking for something to do for dinner, Buffalo Wild Wings is hosting a fundraiser that will go toward AVW between 6pm and 8pm. Simply show this ticket to your server (digitally or physically) when ordering food to help donate the proceeds!


There’s much much more going on this week, like a live Ohio Sports Zone on Thursday and a Madden video game tournament on Sunday by a collaboration between Ohio Sports Zone and Tech Heads! Photos from today’s events will be uploaded later in the day, so we hope you’ll check back soon!

AVW Week Day 1

AVW Week kicked off to a great start! Not only did we enjoy talking with everyone who stopped by our tables at Baker, but there is already new content! Fridays Live has released six new episodes on their YouTube channel and there will be even more from them and our other shows throughout the week. If you want to keep up-to-date on what is happening during AVW Week, check back here or on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

AVW Week Is Almost Here!

AVW Productions hopes you’re as excited about AVW Week as we are! This upcoming week, March 23rd – 29th, we are celebrating AVW Week in Baker University Center and online. While we’ll be tabling every weekday from 1pm – 5pm (except Tuesday), there will also be video premieres and other content released online every day. To stay up-to-date on what new videos we have throughout AVW Week, watch our social media accounts or simply visit this site. Our tabling in Baker will give you a chance to learn more about what AVW Productions does and how each of our shows operate. Interested in getting involved with show production or just looking to watch new stuff made by other hardworking students? This is the perfect opportunity to learn more! For those who don’t know, here is a list of our current running shows:

  • Confused?
  • Fridays Live
  • Hockey
  • Newstime
  • Ohio Sports Zone
  • Pranking Ohio
  • Straight Up
  • Tech Heads

There will be live shows/events as well from Ohio Sports Zone and Tech Heads. Ohio Sports Zone is having its regular scheduled broadcast on Thursday, but this time they are inviting their audience to see what the show looks like behind-the-scenes by watching it live! Also, on Sunday the crews of Ohio Sports Zone and Tech Heads are teaming up to do a video game tournament! Check back here on Monday for more information about these events. If you have any questions or want to talk, message us on Twitter (@AVWProductions) or Facebook.

Show Updates And a Big Event Upcoming Next Month!

Wondering what all your favorite shows have been up to? Look no further!

Confused? released a cool and informative episode all about aviation last week. For those who don’t know, aviation is about “that flying thing” that we can do with planes! If you’re interested in learning more or know someone who is, check out the video here! No matter how old you are, there’s always new things to learn.

Straight Up talks about a wide variety of entertainment topics, like Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show and what OU students are planning for their Valentine’s Day. Stay up-to-date on the gossip and news right here.

Fridays Live is still going stronger than ever, just three days ago posting six segments from their latest show. There is no show this week or next week, but they’ll be back soon enough!

Ohio Sports Zone and Tech Heads have been hard at work tabling in Baker to advertise for their upcoming video game tournament collaboration! This will be on March 29th and feature Madden. More details in the upcoming days.

Pranking Ohio is currently in the editing stages of their first episode, so be on the look out for that!

AVW Hockey has had one successful shoot after another as the hockey season comes to an end. Congrats to the crew and reporters for all their hard work this semester.

AVW Newstime’s Rally to Cease Rallying was a major success. On February 6th, Newtime gathered people on the College Green in Ohio University to say nothing and speak out at the same time. It was to encourage students’ freedom of speech against injustices, like the Ohio University tuition hikes. Evan Swingle, producer of Newstime, put it best with this quote: “The message was about the OU administration not responding to the voices of activists. The message is to never lose your voice.”



Finally, between March 23rd and March 29th, we will be having our second annual AVW Week! This week will feature all of our shows tabling in Baker to talk more about their shows and what they do, along with tours of the AVW Productions’ offices and a live show in Baker near the end of the week. More information will be posted here on our website and on Facebook as we get closer, so keep checking back to stay up-to-date! Stay warm everyone.

Weekly Video Update #3

Here we are again after a productive week for AVW Productions! We’re nearing the end of the semester, so our shows are only making more and more videos.

Fridays Live uploaded 14 segments over the past week that pokes fun at everything from Kidz Bop to Pokemon. There’s a lot of laughs to be had.

Newstime released three new videos about topics ranging from lying political campaigns to false blood test. This is the hard hitting news, people.

Straight Up has a new video from both their LOL and Street Talk series, plus there is a brand new episode on Vimeo. Get your up-to-date Athens and Hollywood news right here!

Tech Heads provides you with your weekly dose of screams on 4Spooky, their new Let’s Play series. Watch them play through Five Nights At Freddy’s and Vanish if you didn’t get enough scares during Halloween this year.

Audience, let us know what you think! Suggestions? Questions? Praise? Check out our Facebook page, find us on Twitter, or simply leave a comment here!

Weekly Video Update #2

Most people during the Halloween weekend are busy partying and collecting candy, but our crews were busy filming content for their viewers! If you want to know what came out this past week, look no further:

Fridays Live has released a plethora of skits from their most recent Halloween episode, so go and watch all 13 of them of you’re looking for some spooks and laughs!

Ohio Sports Zone also did a Halloween episode, dressing up in costume and inviting a couple guests onto the show to provide you with the sports news you need for the week.

Straight Up came out with their first full episode yesterday on Vimeo! They have plenty of celebrity news, as well as some interesting things going on around campus.

Tech Heads is on iTunes with so many podcasts to fulfill your geek needs, like the PC BAMFs or Shredded Cels episodes that were released today. Whether you want to hear them talk about awesome PC games or the most current animes, they’ve got something for you.

AVW Productions has a lot planned as the end of the semester approaches, so come back next Wednesday for another update!